Warm, fuzzy families exist in many forms

Depressive disorder is hunting down lives just like alion to its prey. Being aware of depression gives me the energy and courage to fight back.If being successful means I have to try harder and look further, then every effort is worthwhile. Here’s another article I added to my treasure trove.

Melbourne artist Tai Snaith had a children’s book published last year about the Australian family. In it, she used indigenous animals as a metaphor for different versions of the contemporary household. It sounds kitsch, but there we are – stylishly so – in The Family Hour in Australia as corroboree frogs, numbats, eastern spotted quolls, hairy-nosed wombats or, inevitably, kangaroos, platypuses ……Warm, fuzzy families exist in many forms

Hoping I made your search and reading worthwhile. If not, you can look through the other related articles below. It would be my pleasure to hear from you so please leave a comment if you have any.

The following is even more cool stuff related to about depression in women


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