Is There a Link Between Depression and Fatigue?

reveal that there is a link between
depression and fatigue
symptoms. There are different types of
illnesses that can
cause a long-term state of
exhaustion. Stats
reveal that almost 40 % of patients who look
for help for fatigue are dealing
with depression. But can depression cause
extreme fatigue? Fatigue symptoms can be triggered by depression, or it can
also be a symptom of the mental illness itself. A lot
of depressed patients often report feeling constantly tired
for a long time.

If you’re dealing with depressive
symptoms, it’s important to realize that there are plenty of natural depression treatment
options to help you get
better, such as engaging in regular physical exercise and
eating food for depression. Among the things
you can do to get better is to learn how
to stop being depressed
and how to handle stress. Stress is considered as one of the leading reasons for
depression and other chronic health
problems. It’s
important for you to make time for relaxation and discover other ways to
help you feel less stressed.


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