Why am I Feeling So Depressed?

If you believe that you’re struggling with depression, remember that you’re not alone. Depression is considered as one of the most common mental
illnesses today. It has been found that almost 121 million
people around the world are suffering from clinical depression.
Statistics show that the number of
individuals diagnosed with clinical depression increases by
roughly 20 % each year.

Like many others, you might be wondering
why am I depressed at night?”. You might feel that there’s no
good reason for you to feel depressed.
It’s important to understand that depression can affect
any individual, regardless of age, gender or status. There
are lots of successful individuals who have
come out in the open and talked about their personal battle
with depression.

Rather than spending so much time dwelling on your
negative thoughts and feelings, it’s better to concentrate
on looking for ways to help you feel better instead. Remember that
depression can be treated. As long as you continue
looking for ways to help you feel
better, you will get over depression.


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