Ruby Wax :Mindfulness for Babies – Huffington Post UK

Allow your mind and body to achieve a deep state of relaxation by learning meditation. If you’re new to the idea of meditation, it can be a good idea to learn about the 10 simple meditation techniques for stress relief.

Huffington Post UKRuby Wax :Mindfulness for BabiesHuffington Post UKI’m now in full turbo to finish my new book, which is due in about ten minutes. It’s on mindfulness and is called Wake the F*ck Up. It comes out at Christmas so please buy one because writing this is like a worm crawling through the Sahara and I’ve …and more »…Ruby Wax :Mindfulness for Babies – Huffington Post UK

Meditation can be a powerful tool to help prevent the effects of stress. Stress is considered as one of the leading reasons for serious ailments, like clinical depression and cardiovascular disease. Most people who practice meditation regularly find it simpler to relax. It helps them achieve a clear mind, and experience a sense of peace and relief from everyday stress.

Create a clear picture in your mind of a special place that makes you feel relaxed. Imagine being in this place, and allow yourself to relax. Interested to learn simple meditation techniques for stress relief? Check out this helpful websites listed below.

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