Carson’s ‘Tithing’ Is Sounder Than Rubio’s Tax Plan – Bloomberg View

Mindfulness teaches you how to acknowledge your experiences, including the sadness that comes along with life’s tough circumstances. It makes it possible for you to think of options to help you get over it, and learn from your experiences. Instead of pulling you down, being mindful helps mold you to come out of life’s hard times as a far better person.

Bloomberg ViewCarson’s ‘Tithing’ Is Sounder Than Rubio’s Tax PlanBloomberg ViewOut of anxiety over seeming unjust to the poor, even self-proclaimed flat taxers tend to insert lower rates for modest earners in their plans. But it’s not clear that … Along with imposing that flat rate, Carson says, “of course, get rid of tax …and more »…Carson’s ‘Tithing’ Is Sounder Than Rubio’s Tax Plan – Bloomberg View

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