Overcoming obstacles: Miscarriage – Today’s Catholic News

One way of preparing yourself for meditation is to rest your body and mind by selecting a focus for concentration. This technique establishes your concentration skills, and helps you understand the best ways to control your mind from wandering.

Overcoming obstacles: MiscarriageToday’s Catholic NewsIf your grief turns to depression or anxiety, seek professional help. Call your local parish for a referral to a therapist or Catholic Charities. Reprinted from foryourmarriage.org. Additional resources are available at http://www.infertilitycross.com ……Overcoming obstacles: Miscarriage – Today’s Catholic News

If you’re finding it hard to learn meditation on your own, then you might find it much easier to learn with a little help. If you’re just starting to learn how to practice meditation, having an experienced guide to help can make learning meditation much easier and even more enjoyable.

Mindfulness meditation has been proven effective in promoting an improved sense of overall personal development. Start learning how to practice meditation on the links below.


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