Health Happenings: Feb. 9 – Bradenton Herald

Just by simply focusing your mind on positive thoughts and words, you’ll have the ability to release unwanted feelings. Sometimes all it takes to reduce stress and anxiety and help you feel better is to be in a state of calm. This allows you to have the ability to give less value to minor faults, and concentrate more on things that you desire and make you feel happy instead.

Health Happenings: Feb. 9Bradenton HeraldGentle/Chair Yoga & Meditation with Lynn Burgess, 10 a.m. first and third Monday; for patients and caregivers wanting easy and effective ways to stay calm and focused through ability-based yoga movements, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques….Health Happenings: Feb. 9 – Bradenton Herald

Wondering how to practice meditation? There are plenty of ways of learning meditation. Here you’ll find some helpful tips about meditation for beginners. We’re looking forward to helping you enjoy your meditation sessions right from the start.

Mindfulness is a skill that helps entrepreneurs become more successful. Found this great sites that offers mindfulness and meditation courses for stress reduction.


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